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      Sino-Italian Electronics is a professional spot supplier of ST products. It also sells international brand IC spot products such as FREESCALE, TI, INFINEON, MAXIM, AD, ON, XILINX, etc. The company’s professional team s the scarce material resources and can dispatch goods globally. The 32-bit MCU of the kernel has global supply channels and technical support. The general manager of the company, Dr. Zhu Junshan, is a management staff who has worked in the ST manufacturing department for ten years and transferred to sales. He has transferred the refinement of manufacturing to sales and service. Some employees have received training in the original STMicroelectronics factory. The company’s first "Six Methods of Quality Control" is an effective way to control quality in an all-round way. The company has a complete service process, trains and guides employees according to TQM management, and has international competitive advantages. The company’s customers cover new energy, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, military Many fields such as aerospace, security and industrial control.

      • The company's spot department: tens of thousands of ST and TI spot stocks

      • Shortage of material supply: professional international procurement, global transfer capacity, grasp

      • BOM ordering service: 100 models complete quotation on the same day, delivery within 3 days, overall

      • Technical support: replacement of discontinued products, MCU application development and ion,

      • The general manager is a member of the International Institute of Microelectronics and was once empl

      • A professional team serving strategic customers, assisting customers in material planning, stocking


      Sales Brand

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